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Ocean State Pepper Co. Secret Weapon Burger Seasoning

Ocean State Pepper Co. Secret Weapon Burger Seasoning

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Secret Weapon Burger Seasoning adds a delicious punch of flavor to any burger with it's unique combination of shallots and roasted garlic, tangy Worcestershire sauce, and smoky, savory spices. Instantly enhance your burgers for an unforgettable taste experience.

A heavy dose of savory onions and shallots are blended with Worcestershire sauce powder for a bold and familiar flavor. The bite of mustard is present, as well as a touch of smoke.

Try Secret Weapon with your next pot roast.

Also great with meatloaf, Swedish meatballs, or beef stew

Using premade burgers? Just season the outside of the patties.

Grocery List

1 pkg. Secret Weapon burger seasoning
1 lb. Ground meat or plant-based product
2-3 Tbl. Ice cold water
1 pkg. Hamburger buns
Assorted toppings

Each packet contains 1.5 oz.

Made in RI