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Seasonal Surprise Boxes

Seasonal Surprise Boxes

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Introducing our Brown & Hopkins exclusive, Seasonal Surprise Box Subscription! A $50+ value for just $39.95 (plus shipping)! 

Enjoy a selection of new and favorite B&H items delivered to your door each season. Each box will contain a curated assortment of 5-7 items: a variety of seasonal decor, gourmet specialties, and more! Plus, subscribers will receive an exclusive B&H Newsletter featuring upcoming events and promotions. 

Purchase or gift a year of boxes for $149.95 ($10 savings)!

Ship Schedule:

*Summer Box SOLD OUT (Shipping Late May/Early June): Order by May 15th SOLD OUT

Fall Box SOLD OUT (Shipping Late August/Early September): Order by August 15th

Winter Box (Shipping Late November/Early December): Order by November 15th

Spring Box (Shipping Late February/Early March 2024): Order by February 15th